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Wedding Management (a.k.a Day of or Month of Coordination) - $1595

Whether planning your wedding is something you have always dreamed of doing, or you are just the Type A go-getter who likes to get things done, you’ve got this part down! But, you also understand you need to let things go on the day of the wedding to someone who knows your vision and has got your back so you can enjoy the results of all your hard work. A Keyed Up Events Coordinator can ensure that you and your new spouse will have the time to take it all in. 

The Perfect Key (a.k.a Partial Planning) - $2195


We call this package The Perfect Key, because it is our most popular one, and it has all the services most clients are looking for. While you are still doing the bulk of your planning and vendor communication, we are available to you during the whole process, give you more detailed checklists and customized recommendations, and guide you through some of the more difficult aspects of wedding planning. If you have the time to plan your wedding, but recognize you haven’t done this before and want some help along the way from an expert, this is a great option. 

Full Service Planning (a.k.a. Hello new best friend!) - $4995


Planning a wedding can be hard and time consuming. If you don’t have time to talk to between 6-15 vendors individually and want to be able to message your planner to ask about or look into something rather than do it yourself, this could be the service for you. You turn over most of the planning and communication to us, plus get extra or expanded services in many areas. We will truly be partners throughout the process. 

Intimate Weddings (a.k.a. Mini, Tiny or Micro Weddings) - Custom pricing 

Looking to have a wedding of 50 people or less, but still need help in planning and executing the day? Contact us with more details and we will be happy to offer you a custom quote. Plus, we know a lot of great venues in the Twin Cities to hold your small wedding! 


  • Why do I need a Coordinator if my venue comes with one? A venue coordinator is there to make sure that the venue and everything that they are providing is set up and ready to go, and to manage the building throughout the day. If the venue is providing the food and/or bar, they may also be managing that as well. The venue Coordinator typically will not set up or take down any of your decor, manage your timeline or cuing the wedding party for the ceremony. If you aren't sure about what the coordinator for your venue does, be sure to ask them.

  • How does the decor usage work? We don’t have enough to outfit your whole wedding, but during the course of the planning process, if it seems like you need a...whatever, and we have one that can work, we’ll bring it! Usually it’s more ancillary decor items like extra cake stands, something to use for a card box, extra vases or candles, easels, etc. We will send you a listing and photos of the decor we have and you just tell us what to bring! 

  • How do you create the timeline? Between six to three months out from your wedding, we create a timeline in our online platform where we put all of your vendor information, as well as other details. We can then both continue to update the timeline as we go along so by the time the wedding has arrived, everyone is on the same page about what will be happening and when.

  • How does rehearsal work? Your coordinator will come to your rehearsal, if you are having one on a different day (if out of town, extra travel fees may apply), and if you would like us there. We will work with your officiant to ensure everything will run smoothly, and introduce ourselves to the family and wedding party so they know who to come to with questions.

  • What are your travel and hotel fees? If your wedding is outside of the 612 / 651 / 763 / 952 area codes and/or over 60 miles from the 55408 zip code, there will be a $100 travel fee, and a room rented at an agreed upon motel/hotel within 15 minutes of the venue, or a stipend for the market rate of a hotel in the area, for each night needed.

  • Will you put greenery out on tables or displays? Yes, we can place simple greenery or garlands and move them as needed, as long as we are given time to do so. What we cannot do is create centerpiece displays, with either real or fake flowers, on the day of the wedding. We are happy to put out whatever your florist has created, or your DIY pieces that are already put together! 

  • Will you keep things running, cue the wedding party for the ceremony, tell us when to sit for dinner, cut the cake, start toasts and do our dance? Yes, along with your photographer, we will basically tell you where to go and what to do all day until after your dancing starts. If changes need to be made to the timeline due to any number of circumstances, we will be the ones to make that call.

  • What do you do about clean up? Once the dance starts or dinner is over, we will begin packing up your decor as much as we can while we are there or until the end of the night. We will also work with a friend of family member to ensure gifts are moved to a safe location. It is our goal to get you packed up as much as possible so there’s nothing left to do at the end of the night but grab your new spouse and leave!

  • Does the caterer bus the tables and do the trash? For many of the venues, yes they do. But if your caterer doesn’t stay all night, or isn’t the in house caterer, or you are at a venue where you can bring your own alcohol, then maybe not. You need to ask the venues and the caterer and the bar service what they do and don’t do. Your Coordinators are not responsible for clearing up plates, napkins, utensils or drinkware from appetizers, dinner, dessert or the bar, changing the trash, or sweeping and mopping up after the event.

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